VIP transfer to bus prices

Despite the permissions of public transport, who do not want to use, do not have a special vehicle, who do not know how to drive or who do not trust him on the long road VIP transfer vehicles grown.

Citizens with travel permission can travel intercity with buses and private vehicles. With the permission of citizens aged 65 and over, this number rises with the permission of their accompanying, while everyone will be able to travel easily with the abolition of travel bans completely. In spite of these permissions, VIP transfer vehicles grew to the rescue of those who do not want to use public transport, do not have a special vehicle, who do not know how to drive or who do not trust him on a long road. Moreover, VIP transfers are economical and faster as well as being safer in health.

‘Demand increased’

Gülruh Gülten, General Manager of GM Global Tourism, which has been hosting its passengers in Turkey since 2015, which has been providing airport and transportation services in the United States for 32 years, said that the demand has increased with its travel permission to citizens aged 65 years and over. Even if he wants to, the crowd of buses, long road danger, does not have a private vehicle due to reasons such as VIP transfer. Our phones have been locked in recent days, ”he said.

Either the village or the summer

Gülruh Gülten said that they want to get out of their way to warm up the weather of people who are very bored in their homes and said, “Our customers want to go to their homes in their villages and highlands. Also, there are many who want to go to their cottages. There is density all over Turkey, but especially because of the tea period, the interest of the Black Sea is great. Again, Antalya, Bodrum, Çeşme, such as holiday regions are also popular, ”he said.

Both safe and cheap

Gülruh Gülten pointed out that the transfer vehicles are both affordable and safe for intercity transportation and said, “It is more appropriate to rent a transfer vehicle especially for families of 3-5 people. The feeling of trust brings is invaluable. ” Gülten gave the following example about the price advantage: “A family of 4 people who want to go from Istanbul to İzmir by bus will give a total of 720 TL from 180 TL per person. Transportation to the bus station, expenses on the road with expenses such as 850 TL-1000 TL goes. However, you are taken from home from the VIP transfer and left home and travel with the driver with the social distance rule in a 9 -person vehicle. The total fee of this is 1200 TL. With a little difference from the bus, you make a safe, fast and luxurious transportation. ”


The only advantage of VIP transfer is not safe and cheap. It is also faster than buses. Trabzon by bus in 16 hours on the way to the transfer in 12 hours, Izmir by bus in 8-10 hours on the transfer of 3.5 hours, Bodrum in 13 hours on the way to 6 hours, Antalya can be reached in 8 hours instead of 16 hours.


Gülruh Gülten listed the measures in the vehicles as follows: uz We serve in accordance with all the rules. Vehicles are regularly disinfected. Our drivers are trained in this regard. In addition, the necessary health screening is done. ”

Home comfort

Vehicles are comfortable and clean. All vehicles have air conditioning, TV, DVD, refrigerator as well as internet connection. In the vehicles where the seats are converted to bed if desired, various treats are made during the journey and home comfort is provided to the passengers.